Phone / Email Consultations


Tiffeni J. Goesel of Froebel Today is here to help you understand Friedrich Froebel’s philosophy of educating a child in Life, Beauty and Knowledge in a unified way, through the head, hearts and hands. Froebel’s education embraces a holistic lifestyle that spans a lifetime; it is not just for kindergarten.

Froebel Today offers a variety of consultation packages to suit your needs. All consultations are pre-paid and scheduled via email. A confirmation email will be sent with your beginning date and time. A Froebel education embraces every aspect of life and learning, A variety of consultation packages are available for purchase. Please use the contact form to inquire.

As a consultant, Ms. Goesel becomes your “guide on the side,” whether you have historical questions or philosophical ones, are using the Gifts and Occupations, exploring Froebel’s other factors of education in nature study and gardening, festivals, or music and movement, Ms. Goesel is here to help you. Are you studying Froebel’s books and need guidance? If you're setting up a Froebel classroom, home school, summer camp or museum, she can assist you in developing lessons and activities.

A Froebel education is similar to a sprouting seed. It needs the proper area to inspire growth and take root. It needs equal amounts of sun and shade, metaphorically speaking. Basically, equal amounts of outdoor/indoor time, active/resting, quiet/noisy, work with hands and mind, imagination and analytical thought, individual/group time, all brought together in the unity of play. A Froebel education begins at birth and if we are wise, continues throughout our lives. It is a way of life.

Froebel Today has developed several stages of childhood. This makes it easier for a parent or teacher to approach their task. The phases are:

Babyhood: ages three months to two years.
Toddlerhood: ages two to four years.
Kindergarten: ages four years to seven years.
Connecting School: ages eight years to eleven years.
Academic: ages twelve through teen years.
Froebel Beyond: for adults.