Biography of Tiffeni J. Goesel








Tiffeni J. Goesel was born one week and 188 years after Froebel in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Ms. Goesel is of German, Italian, Lithuanian and Norwegian heritage. She was raised to respect and learn from the past and apply it to life’s lessons. As a child she often played school. Froebel often said that what a child plays, she often becomes. Ms. Goesel is descended from strong women teachers and those who longed for an education and were mostly self-taught. She earned her BA in education, her M.Ed in Education History and is a certified Waldorf Teacher. While questioning the origins of Waldorf education, Ms. Goesel found Froebel.

Since the dawn of the 21st century, Ms. Goesel has been carrying her Froebelian torch. She has attended, spoke & taught at conferences, domestically & internationally. As her German family is from Thuringia, Germany also, she has paid homage to Froebel's sites while visiting family. Ms. Goesel currently teaches a variety of children and adults in her home classroom not too far from where America began at historic Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown, Virginia. She advises parents and teachers on how to use Froebel's materials and travels to schools, parks, and museums spreading Friedrich Froebel's philosophy; a true pedagogue.