Occupations Using Materials based upon the point: perforating paper, beadwork and peas work: for children ages 4 to 13 and beyond.

The Occupations have now reduced their size to the smallest area; the point. The point in Occupation work is represented by the perforated hole on paper, generally punched with a sewing needle or a special perforating needle. At first the paper is graphed. This allows for the image to be sewn out, reflecting the previous line occupation. Free-hand designs on plain paper are created by older children with skilled hands.

Beadwork can be introduced to children as young as two years old in the form of large wooden stringing beads that reflect the shapes of Froebel's Gift Two and the colors of Gift One. As the child grows into their hands smaller beads and intricate pattern work can be accomplished.

Peas work or construction with moistened peas or garbanzo beans and toothpicks is a very rewarding and engrossing Occupation. Children of theKindergarten age enjoy this activity and older children create amazing constructions that defy gravity. The most sanguine of children are able to focus with this Occupation. Peas work is directly related to the natural world of the garden and forest and teaching unifying lessons is an important part of a Froebel education.