Teacher Training

"After all, the best teacher is he who gives not things but thoughts, not facts but ideas, not rules of conduct but ideals...." Quoted from the book: The Home-Made Kindergarten circa 1912 By: Nora Archibald Smith pg. 3.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries Kindergarten Teacher Training Schools were everywhere; today not a one exists in the United Stated. In order to learn this elegant and all-encompassing program, to learn about Friedrich Froebel's life and philosophy one must either become an autodidact or find an expert in the field that can mentor an individual, a group of parents or a school. Since a true Froebelian education disappeared somewhere in the 1920s, a mentor may be difficult to find.

Ms. Tiffeni J. Goesel, a Froebel® Pedagogue, is available to mentor and train individuals, teachers and institutions. One-on-one mentorship and group workshops are some of the options offered. Ms. Goesel is able to travel to your area or you can attend classes at her own Froebel Teachers College in Williamsburg, Virginia. Those interested should contact Ms. Goesel by email.