Tiffeni J. Goesel of Froebel Today is here to help you understand Friedrich Froebel’s philosophy of educating a child in Life, Beauty and Knowledge in a unified way, through the head, hearts and hands. Froebel’s education embraces a holistic lifestyle that spans a lifetime; it is not just for kindergarten.

Froebel Today offers a variety of consultation packages to suit your needs. All consultations are pre-paid and scheduled via email. A confirmation email will be sent with your beginning date and time. A Froebel education embraces every aspect of life and learning, A variety of consultation packages are available for purchase. Please use the contact form to inquire.

As a consultant, Ms. Goesel becomes your “guide on the side,” whether you have historical questions or philosophical ones, are using the Gifts and Occupations, exploring Froebel’s other factors of education in nature study and gardening, festivals, or music and movement, Ms. Goesel is here to help you. Are you studying Froebel’s books and need guidance? If you're setting up a Froebel classroom, home school, summer camp or museum, she can assist you in developing lessons and activities.

A Froebel education is similar to a sprouting seed. It needs the proper area to inspire growth and take root. It needs equal amounts of sun and shade, metaphorically speaking. Basically, equal amounts of outdoor/indoor time, active/resting, quiet/noisy, work with hands and mind, imagination and analytical thought, individual/group time, all brought together in the unity of play. A Froebel education begins at birth and if we are wise, continues throughout our lives. It is a way of life.

Froebel Today has developed several stages of childhood. This makes it easier for a parent or teacher to approach their task. The phases are:

Babyhood: ages three months to two years.
Toddlerhood: ages two to four years.
Kindergarten: ages four years to seven years.
Connecting School: ages eight years to eleven years.
Academic: ages twelve through teen years.
Froebel Beyond: for adults.

Teacher Training

"After all, the best teacher is he who gives not things but thoughts, not facts but ideas, not rules of conduct but ideals...." Quoted from the book: The Home-Made Kindergarten circa 1912 By: Nora Archibald Smith pg. 3.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries Kindergarten Teacher Training Schools were everywhere; today not a one exists in the United Stated. In order to learn this elegant and all-encompassing program, to learn about Friedrich Froebel's life and philosophy one must either become an autodidact or find an expert in the field that can mentor an individual, a group of parents or a school. Since a true Froebelian education disappeared somewhere in the 1920s, a mentor may be difficult to find.

Ms. Tiffeni J. Goesel, a Froebel® Pedagogue, is available to mentor and train individuals, teachers and institutions. One-on-one mentorship and group workshops are some of the options offered. Ms. Goesel is able to travel to your area or you can attend classes at her own Froebel Teachers College in Williamsburg, Virginia. Those interested should contact Ms. Goesel by email. 

How to Plan a Froebel Education

"My children will not be schooled, they will be developed." ~ Froebel

In a true Froebelian fashion we must bring into unity all that has been written. Whether you are planning on attending courses taught by Ms. Goesel out of curiosity, to incorporate them into your existing school or home school program or as a historian; the importance is that you are here. Romantic Victorians often thought Froebel was looking down from heaven and smiling at whomever continued his work. Let us give in to that warm fuzzy feeling.

Planning a Froebel education consists of unifying all the Mother Plays, Gifts, Occupations, Movement Games, Gardening and Festivals into one well-rounded education for children from two to thirteen and beyond. Each educational stages needs to be addresses; from babyhood of three months to two years, to the three to seven year old kindergarten, to the eight to ten year old Connecting School and the eleven to thirteen year old Academy. 

Ms. Goesel is available to visit your school, group, or location to advice on the planning, organizing, gathering families, hiring and training teachers, purchasing supplies and finding the ideal location. Please contact her for further information.

"Never forget that the essential business of the school is not so much to teach and to communicate a variety and multiplicity of things, as it is to give prominence to the ever-living unity that is in all things."                           Quoted from: The Froebel Yearbook By: Fannie Chapman, Jan. 10th.