The Mother Play Book: A Humanities Course for Children™

"I have recorded the most important aspects of my educational theory in this book; it is the starting point for an education based on nature, for it shows the way. How the germinal buds of human potentials have to be nourished and supported if they are to develop healthily and completely." ~ Froebel

Froebel's educational philosophy is concerned with the child's complete development. It begins with what a child can  naturally do and uses this know-how as a base to strengthen the child physically and connects it with the child's environment developing it slowly over time. The child learns best through their senses and through play. Learning humanities in this playful way will eventually lead to a deeper understanding of their world.

The Mother Play book consists of fifty subjects that I believe introduce a humanities course for children from one to thirteen years old. Each topic includes a song, music, hand-gesture, picture, motto and commentary. I have updated this 19th century book to include lessons a parent can do at home or a teacher in a classroom. Each topic has been expanded to include activities ranging from artistic pursuits, cooking and gardening, play, field trips, reading, writing, arithmetic, history, science, observations, and parent/teacher pedagogical questions. This book can be used over many years; repeating lessons as the child grows in conciousness.

All the child is ever to be and become, lies in the child and can be attained only through
development from within outward. ~ Friedrich Froebel

The clearer the thread which runs through our lives backward — back to our childhood
— the clearer will be our onward glance to the goal. ~ Fanny Chapin