Gift Six: from ages 8 to 13; or children in the Connecting School & Academy.

Gift Six is another recapitulation of a previous gift; this time it is of Gift Four. Again the difference is in the amount of pieces and two new shapes. Friedrich Froebel left notes on this Gift, but never saw them come to fruition. The men and women that followed his teachings developed this gift.

As in the previous study of the Gifts, Forms of Life, Forms of Beauty, and Forms of Knowledge are undertaken after free play. Where the Forms of Knowledge were the most important feature of Gift Five, Forms of Life are to Gift Six. The oblong blocks, the columns and the caps introduce the child to architecture's fundamental forms. The idea that architecture is useful, beautiful and math/science based is understood by the child and nourishes their mind while replicating their world. Therefore the history of architecture is studied and coincides with the age of the child when their world is expanding and they are curious about the past.

Forms of Beauty that are developed on a multiple numbered base such as fours & fives are created upon the table. Forms with closed and open centers and ones that resemble weaving expand the child's artistic thoughts.

Forms of Knowledge with Gift Six bring the understanding of measurement in length, breadth, and height to a child's level of comprehension. This is used when building both the Forms of Life and Forms of Beauty. With the older child's hand being more flexible and able to achieve fine motor skills without much frustration, the Occupations that compliment this Gift become more and more prevalent in a Froebel based education.