Gift Five: from ages 8 to 13; or children in the Connecting School & Academy.

Gift Five is a recapitulation of Gift Three with several new changes. The most noticeable is the size of the box and the cube within. Quantity is also noticed, as there are now many more blocks. Old shapes remind the child of what has been learned and two new shapes excites them towards fresh possibilities.

The triangular prism introduces halves & quarters to the child. Inclined planes, acute angles, slanted lines, and the axis are learned. Dexterity and delicacy of the hand are needed in manipulating the many parts of this Gift.

More realistic Forms of Life can be built. The slanted roof, a Gothic window, a monmemt, a bridge, an arch, and the study of historical architecture can be understood by the child in showing them "that real beauty can only be produced when one opposite balances another, if the proportions of all parts are equally regulated by uniting them with one common center". Forms with open centers, closed centers, triangular based and on a vertical and horizontal and angled axis are discovered. Forms of Knowledge are Gift Fives strongest feature. Addition and subtraction with larger numbers are learned. Multiplication, division, fractions and geometry are accomplished not by memorizing facts only, but by manipulating visible shapes. This produces the "best means of exercising the child's power of observation, reasoning, and judging. The child builds, forms, sees, observes, compares, and then expresses the truth it has ascertained. By repetition, these truths, acquired by the observation of facts, become the child's mental property".                                                        Quoted from: Paradise of Childhood By: Edward Weibe pg. 124.